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dMT Ecotech GmbH

We are a privately-owned and managed company, specializing in the application of our SPC® solid protective coatings to control damage caused by friction in industrial and logistical operations.

With over 35 years of combined experience and successful projects, we are confident that our SPC® solutions will substantially increase the operating lives of your machinery elements as well as minimize expensive downtimes.

Focusing primarily on the European industrial markets, we have also expanded into Southeast Asia and North America. Our references include an expanding list of well-known manufacturers and logistics operations in such industries as: automotive, steel, copper, aluminium, foundries, secondary smelting, paper, cement, limestone, gypsum, chipboard, container terminals, Ship Building and Ship Repair Facilities. Also in logistics and distribution operations in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical & chemical, machinery-manufacturing industries.

Environmental Challange

Integrating sustainable and environmentally beneficial equipment and procedures into our industry is a challenge we increasingly face with the growing threat of climate change.

We want to support this effort by striving to offer only products and services that do not cause any environmental damage, neither in their production nor application.

Our Team

Small, yet diverse, our team consists of highly valued and talented individuals of numerous nationalities, and we are proud that they each represent us with their expertise, integrity, and enthusiasm.

As a team, we believe, that by providing excellent client support and technical advice, we can establish positive, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Our promise: Based upon our own experience, and on your information provided in consultation and our inspection of your equipment, if we believe that the application of our product will not bring you any economic or technical benefit, we will inform you accordingly! Our SPC® solutions can vastly improve most surface wear issues, but there will always be a few not suitable for the application of SPC®.



March 2016

Founded in Cleveland, US

August 2016

US fabrication certificate

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May 2018

New factory in Michigan, US

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September 2020

More than 100 employees

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