PartnershipWe are seeking Agents, Re-Sellers and Distributors

    We are a privately-owned and managed company, specializing in the application of our SPC® solid protective coatings to control damage caused by friction in industrial and logistical operations.

    Focusing primarily on the European industrial markets, we have also expanded into Southeast Asia and North America. Our references include an expanding list of well-known manufacturers and logistics operations in such industries as: automotive, steel, copper, aluminium, foundries, secondary smelting, paper, cement, limestone, gypsum, chipboard, container terminals, Ship Building and Ship Repair Facilities. Also in logistics and distribution operations in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical & chemical, machinery-manufacturing industries

    We are seeking partnerships with individuals or smaller sales/service companies:
    For promotion / resale of our products to the aforementioned industries
    With well-established relationships to technical departments within these industries
    With some mechanical talent and interest
    With interest in assisting clients to improve their operation
    Highly motivated to increase benefits for all

    Sebastian Szymik, Sales Manager