Welcome to dMT Ecotech


Searching for dependable solutions to extend the operating life of production equipment?


Too much costly downtime for changing-out parts or refurbishing worn, rough surfaces?


We have the competence and courage to tackle difficult wear problems which often cannot be improved with any other technologies!

For the past 15 years our SPC dry, solid-lubricant solutions have proven themselves countless times in nearly all industrial segments.   Numerous, well-known manufacturers in various industries, such as:


  • steel plants,
  • aluminum smelting,
  • automobile assembly,
  • cement plants,
  • logistics,
  • port facilities, etc.,


rely on us to continue reducing metal surface wear on machinery.


Regardless of the conditions:

extreme +/- temperature, dusty or wet environments,

SPC succeeds when conventional lubricants fail or cannot bring satisfactory results.


If you are interested, have any questions or need technical support please do not hesitate to contact us at any time (salessupport@dmtgms.com).


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